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Machine Learning Tools and Technologies We Use


Machine Learning Services

Simply put, machine learning algorithms allow you to “train” computers to perform certain tasks without explicitly programming them to do so. These computers will be able to recognize patterns and apply those patterns in different applications, as well as autonomously improve their learning over time.

Systems that are powered by machine learning can behave like humans, but they do so without human intervention. With machine learning, your business can reduce errors and increase accuracy across a variety of different projects and applications.

“We were working on a new product that addresses a severe complication for some dialysis patients. With our large data set, they were able to create a ML model which surpassed our previous ROC. They have been amazing partners.”

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John Kennedy
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The Beauty of Machine Learning

An incredibly dynamic field of study that can be applied to virtually any aspect of a business. Here are just a few of the ways that Bluelight Consulting can use machine learning to improve your business

Predictive Analytics and Models

Get better at predicting future outcomes, like which kinds of customers prefer a particular product or service you offer or whether the demand for a product will increase during a certain timeframe

Recommendation Engines

Figure out what your customers want so you can give it to them. For example, if you run an ecommerce store, these engines can provide relevant recommendations to customers as they browse and click on different products

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Read, decipher, understand, and make sense of human languages in a manner that is valuable to your business. Use cases of NLP include translation, spam filters, autocorrect and more

Virtual Assistants

Increase productivity and make everyday operations easier. With our machine learning services, you can schedule appointments, send emails, filing expenses, and other important daily tasks

Fraud Detection

Mitigate security risks across your entire organization with machine learning solutions, which are far superior to human processing due to its speed and accuracy

Media Analysis

Search images, videos, and audio files using keywords and apply filters, as well as identify objects within images

How Machine Learning Can Improve Every Aspect of Your Business


Increase sales and your bottom line using predictive models


Reduce costs, increase productivity, and streamline your supply chain and logistics

Customer Satisfaction

Get a better understanding of your customers’ desires so you can deliver the products and services they want


Optimize your marketing budgets and do a better job of attracting new customers


Make sound financial, investment, and accounting decisions with fewer errors and greater certainty


Detect security threats faster and keep your organization’s data safe

Human Resources

Optimize recruitment, hiring, compliance and reporting, and performance management activities

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Our Process

How your machine learning project will go from conception to launch

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Our team will work with you to understand the challenges and opportunities that machine learning can address

Data Prepping

At this stage, we’ll undergo a process of collecting and preparing the data needed for your machine learning solution to work its magic.

Model Training

Once the data is “cleaned”, we’re ready to dive deep into developing a learning model. We'll iterate until  the machine learning algorithm provides the results necessary to reach your business goals.

Model Validation

After thorough testing and experimentation, we’ll end up with a working prototype model. We’ll reserve 20-30% of the training data to validate the model and create an AUROC curve to compare progress as we work on an iterative loop improving the model.


Once we prove that our prototype model will help you meet your business goals, we’ll launch it in production. By integrating the model with your application and providing support services to make sure it works on a broader or different data set, we’ll ensure that your solution will be applicable in the real world.

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