Charles Chacon

Senior DevOps Engineer

BS, Network and System Administration, Aix-Marseille Université
years of experience

About Me

A Strategic DevOps Engineer with advanced debugging, infrastructure, and database skills. Possesses 5+ years of experience designing and implementing solutions for performance improvements and feature optimizations in on-premises and AWS/Azure clouds. Knowledgeable on modern databases, cloud infrastructure, DevOps configurations, and backend programming.

Technology Expertise

Employment History

Toppan Photomasks (2021-Present)

DevOps Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Internal Java Application installation and configuration
  • Writing backend automation in Bash and Python
  • Linux server administration
  • Managing my SQL, LDAP, mail, and storage servers

ObjectRocket (Rackspace) (2018-2020)

DevOps Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • performed in an engineering function as part of a team responsible for a database-as-a-Service platform using DevOps, Agile, and KanBan methodologies
  • General Linux consulting throughout the company

- NoSQL Database Architecture design and sales

- Webscale performance troubleshooting

  • Automated configuration and deployment of physical and virtual servers for DBaaS platform
  • Managed internal yum and pip repositories
  • Used Ansible for configuration management and Jenkins/CircleCI for CI/CD
  • Deployed Prometheus and AlertManager for a monitoring solution
  • Worked with latest backup projects for MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Redis

ObjectRocket (Rackspace) (2017-2018)

Customer Data Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Provided support for DBaaS clusters offered to customers as a senior team member
  • Manual and automated configuration and deployment of DBaaS clusters
  • Database administration
  • Assisting customers primarily via tickets and slack
  • participated in on-call rotation
  • Technical point of contact on sales calls
  • Responsible for on-boarding new team members through tenure
  • Training less technical roles on product
  • Advising and assisting developers and product engineers with testing parameters, deployments, and configurations
  • General Linux consulting through a larger department

Rackspace (2016-2017)

Linux Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Provided Fanatical Support for Linux servers and related services while also providing training for other employees
  • LAMP/LEMP Stack configuration and troubleshooting including additional proxy servers
  • MySQL/MariaDB clustering, recovery, and general configurations Rackspace Public Cloud IaaS, DBaaS, SaaS, NaaS configurations and troubleshooting
  • Hardware / Software / Logging management
  • Provided support and education to customers via tickets, phone calls, and chats
  • Organized scheduled maintenance events for system troubleshooting and configuration changes
  • Provided organized and impromptu training for peers and new employees
  • Point of contact for Rackspace TNT program

Rackspace (2015-2016)

Service Technician

Key Responsibilities

  • Technical customer support for Microsoft's Office 365 for Business services
  • Azure Active Directory & Azure Active Directory Connect
  • Sharepoint Online & OneDrive for Business
  • Managed Exchange platform
  • Account Management for customers
  • Escalation point of product for the company
  • Automation consulting with internal software developers
  • Sales engineering consulting for sales teams
  • Process documentation
  • Training organizer for product knowledge

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