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T E C H N O L O G Y  P A R T N E R S  A N D   C L I E N T S

I N D U S T R Y - L E A D I N G  S E R V I C E S
Staff Augmentation
Worried that downsizing your IT hiring budget will sacrifice quality? Tap into our vast nearshore software development talent pool and enjoy reduced payroll costs with Bluelight Consulting's deeply vetted candidates.
Custom Software Development
In today’s interconnected world, companies must shift from traditional products to smart, innovative ones.
We help you reimagine your organization by helping you architect and launch hyper-personalized applications and services using the most popular Development frameworks such as Kubernetes, ReactJS, and Ruby-on-Rails, as well as emerging technologies such as 5G connectivity, Cloud, AI, and Big Data Analytics.
DevOps/Cloud Services
Together, let’s build that modern enterprise you have been thinking about.
Our DevOps and Cloud Computing Services are designed to help your organization reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, get your talent recruitment strategy fit for the future, and position you to capitalize on the latest technological advancements.
Development Teams
Say goodbye to unfilled IT roles & unqualified applicants. Quickly review carefully pre-vetted onshore and nearshore candidates, schedule interviews, and hire experienced, highly adaptable professionals ready to align with your organization's growth goals.
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
We understand your organization's need to guarantee efficient and scalable software for end users.
Our mission is to help startups and enterprises implement Test Driven Development (TDD) principles, deliver seamless user experiences, and deliver quality software solutions.
Cloud Migrations
Embracing the Cloud can be an exciting experience for your whole organization.
We are passionate about accelarating the digital transformation process of organizations like yours with optimal Cloud migration strategies tailored to your business needs.
W H Y  S T A R T U P S  A N D  E N T E R P R I S E S
T R U S T  B L U E L I G H T  C O N S U L T I N G
We’re a passionate, friendly and laid-back team that sees the people behind the business.
Clear, consistent, and open communication to ensure our clients are always updated.
We help you build powerful software applications with the highest quality standards, quickly and efficiently.
T I M E Z O N E - A L I G N E D
We make it easy to integrate and collaborate with your team by working in the same timezone as you.
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Benefits of Working with Us

Explore our extensive, pre-screened talent pool to find the skills you require. Access coding challenges, video Q&A sessions, as well as expert technical vetting team notes, summaries, and evaluations.
Finally, schedule interviews with a single click.
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Watch Candidate Assessments
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2-Week Risk-Free Trial
Dedicated Account Manager
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Traditional Talent Recruitment is Over

Work with rigorously vetted Nearshore Software Development talent.

Experienced with high skill levels
Aligned working hours
Low attrition rates

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Bluelight Consulting offers dedicated Development Teams for every IT role.
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