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Bluelight Consulting is a leading Custom Software and Nearshore Staff Augmentation company helping Startups, Mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies architect and launch scalable, high-performing software solutions that address business challenges.

We are a team of passionate Engineers across 6+ different countries with decades of tech expertise and cross-industry understanding of powering digital transformation of businesses to help you maximize revenue.

Our Mission

We’re committed to helping businesses succeed by providing cutting-edge software, technology, and infrastructure solutions that deliver value and drive societal transformation.

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“Chase and team were fantastic. They were extremely communicative, transparent, and helpful. Their team has all the skills one could need for most projects (frontend, backend, devops) which is super efficient. You likely won't find a better, cost-effective team in the Bay Area. Also, as a non-technical founder, they were incredibly helpful in talking through the work necessary without any of the normal contractor pitfalls of upselling. Can't recommend highly enough.”

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Adam Green
Co-Founder, Public Recreation
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Our Values

We’re focused on high quality solutions and exceptional client service



We keep an open mind, cultivate creativity and are always searching for optimal ways to solve business challenges



At the heart of Bluelight Consulting is a cohesive, dynamic team of technology experts and enthusiasts



Working with Bluelight Consulting means that you’ll always have a clear understanding of every aspect of your project (e.g. costs, processes)



By cultivating strong relationships with valued clients and partners, we’re able to grow businesses and set them up for long-term success

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