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Why Development Teams are important?

With Project Delivery or Extended Development Teams, modern companies can easily overcome required technical skill deficits while upscaling existing Software Development capabilities.

Core Capabilities

Increased Synergy

Bluelight Consulting's Development Teams come ready to integrate into your company, align with your project goals, and foster a shared long-term vision for your business growth.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our commitment is to ensure that our clients operate in the comfort of predictable project budgets while capitalizing on revenue growth opportunities.

Seamless Talent Hiring and Onboarding

We give you the privilege to shortlist, and interview professionals that match your project needs from a large talent pool of vetted Onshore and Nearshore Developers.




Find world-class talent for your projects in
3 simple steps

1. Talk to an Expert

We dedicate time to learn more about your project, and get a clear understanding of what you need to achieve your business outcomes.
You can expect to discuss things like;
Overall Company and project goals
Project budget
Talent resource needs
Technology stack
Engagement models

2. Build your Dream Development Team

Taking into account each specific requirement, we help you put together a Development Team by giving you exclusive access to highly-skilled Onshore and Nearshore Software Engineers to ensure that you have the right talent for the right roles.

3. Scale your Business

Enjoy working with an experienced, transparent, and flexible Development Team dedicated to ensuring your Custom Software solutions not only launch on time, but also continue to evolve and deliver a return on your investment.
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How a typical Development Team looks like.

Front-End Developers
Create intuitive, beautiful and easy-to-use user interfaces for websites and applications.
Back-End Developers
Focus on non-visible software components such as logic, performance, servers and databases.
Project Managers/
Product Owners
Lead and manage the entire Development process to ensure a project’s success.
QA Engineers
Ensure applications work as intended without errors.
UI/UX Designers
Create delightful digital experiences by wireframing and prototyping user interfaces.
Business Analysts
Identify and share valuable data insights that improve business and Development processes.
DevOps Engineers
Ensure the reliability, scalability, and security of underlying infrastructure.
QA Engineers
Ensure applications work asintended without errors.
UX/UI Designers
Create delightful digital experiences by wireframing and prototyping user interfaces.
Business Analysts
Identify and share valuable data insights that improve business and development processes.
DevOps Engineers
Ensure the reliability,scalability, and security ofunderlying infrastructure.
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What are the main types of remote Development Team engagement models?
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For IT projects, the most commonly used remote Development structures are;
- Fixed cost model.
- Dedicated team model.
- Time and material model.
- Extended team model.

How do you ensure a diverse skill set within your Development Teams to handle various aspects of a project?
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We have a diverse talent pool, ensuring that our Development Teams possess a wide range of skills and expertise to handle any aspect of the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

What strategies are in place to ensure smooth knowledge transfer between team members, especially in the case of project transitions?
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In addition to well-documented processes, we conduct regular team meetings and use a wide range of collaborative tools to facilitate smooth knowledge transfer consistently, effectively minimizing unnecessary disruptions during transitions.

How does your company foster an innovative culture within the Development Teams to bring fresh ideas and approaches to projects?
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To keep our Development Teams at the top of their game, we run regular hackathons, provide continuous learning opportunities, and encourage an open feedback loop, all of which work towards maintaining a dynamic and creative workforce.

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