Our Process

Breathing Life into Ideas: How We Take a Project from Conception to Launch

Over the years, we’ve developed and refined our process to ensure our clients grow with superior software development solutions.

Our Process

How your next project will go from conception to launch

Let’s work together


Let’s kick things off. This is where we work together to outline the various challenges and opportunities that your business wants to address.

First, we’ll meet with you to understand the business requirements, technical motivations, and financial budgets

Our team will then perform a comprehensive Technical Audit to inventory your entire technology stack, covering all components and external systems or backing services in-scope for migration

We’ll also review existing design documentation and code repositories


Now that the Discovery phase is complete, it’s time to get everything in writing

This will consist of collaborating on a Statement of Work (SoW) that describes what success looks like to you and how our team will execute the project to ensure that success

The next step will be to send you an estimated bid. We’ll engage in discussions until a number is agreed upon

Representatives from both our teams will sign the SoW and Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Project Execution

Let the fun begin!

One of our project managers will create a plan that’s broken up into 2-week sprints to carry out the SoW

If any unforeseen circumstances occur, the team will re-evaluate, adjust, and pivot as needed

In the spirit of transparency, time is tracked in Toggl so you’ll see exactly what’s being worked on and how much time it takes to complete tasks. You’ll also receive daily emails outlining all the hours worked grouped by team members and tasks

Clients are added to Slack for real-time collaboration with the Bluelight Consulting team

Client Meetings

Consistent and constant communication is important for achieving success

At the end of 2-week each sprint, a meeting is held with your team and ours so we can present what was accomplished in that time

We will gather feedback from you about the previous and upcoming sprints. If any changes are requested, the project manager will work with the development team to ensure those changes are applied in a timely manner


Now you’re ready to show off your project to the world.

Our team will create a plan for switching over to the new infrastructure and perform a final security audit to review security groups, user accounts, and key rotations.

Our development team will collaborate with you to ensure a smooth transition and verify all services are performing optimally

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

The work doesn’t end at launch

After a successful transition, we’ll stay in touch and provide ongoing support along with continued development services

To ensure spending is in line with the allotted budget, we perform regular billing audits

We will prepare any additional documentation that would help you in using and implementing your new software solution or infrastructure. This typically includes infrastructure diagrams, flow charts of network requests, or any other visual aid

If you would like to begin a new project, we will assist you by taking you through the same process

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