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The goal is simple: our DevOps experts will help your team bring IT operations and software development activities together so they can work in perfect harmony as one cohesive unit. The result is a better, more agile and efficient business that delivers quality to your customers.

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“The Bluelight team have radically transformed our infrastructure by moving us to Kubernetes on Google Cloud.  Our increased uptime, increased security, lowered costs and streamlined deployments have been a game changer for us.  On top of that, they've been great to work with.”

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Shawn Zizzo
Owner, ZAM Apps
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What Is DevOps and Why Is It Important?

DevOps is a set of tools and practices that bring together operations and development teams, which have traditionally worked in silos, in order to deliver software and apps quicker. This increased velocity of projects moving through the pipeline allows businesses to deliver service and products at higher quality to their customers.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical company called Tek Co. that builds various software and apps to make people’s everyday lives easier and more fun.


For about six months, their development team has been developing an app and device which work in tandem to help people water their plants remotely. They’ve created and tested both the app and prototype device in a controlled dev environment—they seem to be working flawlessly—and are excited to launch it to the market.


Now it’s time to hand it over to Tek Co.’s operations team, which takes it out into the real world with real customers. Unfortunately, the plant-watering product is plagued with problems. For some users, the app failed to communicate to their device to water their plants. For others, the scheduling feature was buggy. And those weren’t the only problems.


Tek Co’s operations team is understandably angry and frustrated and are now blaming the development team for the product’s failure. The development team on the other hand saw that everything was working perfectly during controlled testing conditions and believed that the failures must be due to the operation team’s poor execution.


The operations team had no involvement when the code was being written and the remote plant-watering device was actually being built. The development team was completely out of the picture when the device was actually being used in many different homes and businesses. The result was a product that was not ready for the market and a dev team that still doesn’t quite know how to resolve issues with the product.

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How Can DevOps Improve Your Business?

More stable development and operating environments

Improved collaboration between teams

Ability to adapt quicker and better to changes

High customer satisfaction

Early detection and correction of issues

Encourages innovation

Faster deployment

Lower costs

DevOps Solutions Built for You


If your business needs reliability, portability and quality in a virtual environment, containerization is the answer. Containerization encapsulates an application in a container with its own operating system (which includes required libraries, frameworks and configuration files) so that it can be run efficiently in various computing environments.


Not only does DevOps make it easier for you to deploy software faster and cheaper, it also makes your software more secure. Whether you require intrusion detection and prevention or security assessments, DevOps can strengthen the security of your entire business.


From health checks to application performance management, our team of DevOps experts will provide the ongoing support and monitoring needed to ensure uptime, provide insights and analytics, maintain code infrastructure and help you deliver exceptional customer service.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC is the practice of managing the infrastructure (networks, virtual machines, load balancers and connection topology) using code. Simply put, IAC allows you to treat your infrastructure just like you treat any other code. This makes for improved productivity (no need for manual configuration steps for data center infrastructure changes) and improved reliability (less chance for human error).

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

CI/CD is the process of developing and delivering software in short cycles underpinned by automation. It allows our DevOps team to deliver higher-quality software frequently and predictably for your business. Depending on the product, you could deploy or ship software monthly, weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

Orchestration & Application Templates

By leveraging Kubernetes, you’ll get cutting-edge orchestration developed by Google, which is quickly becoming the industry standard. While Kubernetes is our go-to, our team also has experience with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet. With orchestration and application templates, your company will benefit from high availability, stability and throughput.

“Working with them has been great. We have worked with many development teams, but Bluelight has by far the most proactive communication and quality of output. They delivered quality code after each sprint, met the deadline, and generally impressed us.”

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Dallas Heliker
CTO, Deniro Marketing
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