Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Elevate Your Team With The Top 1% of Vetted IT Talent

Our world-class nearshore IT staff augmentation services ease your access to top talent, and give your business the agility you need to respond to changes quickly, capitalize on new business opportunities, and save costs.

Maximize Revenue And Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

It can be challenging to scale your team without losing either efficiency orproductivity, as well as having to deal with increased costs.

With our neashore staff augmentation services, you get access to carefully hand-picked and vetted Latin American talent that help you minimize overhead costs, and boost your team's expertise, productivity, and agility.

Maximize revenue and stay ahead of your competition

“They were extremely communicative, transparent, and helpful. Their team has all the skills one could need for most projects (frontend, backend, devops) which is super efficient. You likely won't find a better, cost effective team in the bay.”

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Why You Should Choose Bluelight Consulting

Access the Top 1% of Latin American Talent

Access to the Top 1% of Latin American Talent

We enable you to elevate your team with highly-skilled, thoroughly vetted talent from all over Latin America.

Save Time

Save Time

We save you the hassle of finding and recuriting the right talent so that you can focus on the most important part of growing your business.

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

We help you Increase the quality of your project output, while reducing turnaround time.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Our service allows you to boost your team's productivity, flexibility, and deliver better solutions to your client's needs.

Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit

Our talent pool helps you overcome challenges such as timezone differences and allows you to build a highly-connected team that is easy to manage.

Orchestration & Application Templates

Orchestration & Application Templates

We assign dedicated developers and engineers to ensure smooth integration with your team and capacity to build the know-how necessary for successful software builds.

Nearshore Boost

Whether you are looking for full-time or contract-based team members, we help you get the best talent in the right roles.

With Nearshore Boost, your business benefits from increased cost-efficiency, improved productivity, and enhanced flexibility, putting you in the best position to deal with any challenges that arise swiftly and capitalize on new business opportunities effectively.

Our Process

Whether you need staff to augment your team (e.g. React software developer to work on a new project for the next three months) or full-time employees, Bluelight has helped attract and hire incredible talent for a wide variety of our clients.

Discover our recipe for success for nearshore staff augmentation and recruiting below.

Let’s work together

Job Application

We jump on a call with you to understand your staffing needs. We then proceed to find the best talent suited to your unique requirements through a thorough selection and vetting process that identifies candidates with the right skills, experience, and personality for your team.

Online Technical Tests

After selecting the most suitable candidates, we take them through expertly-designed online tests to gauge their technical ability.

Technical Interview

The next step of the candidate vetting process is a technical interview, which evaluates the candidates' suitability to client-specific projects, and their real-time problem-solving capability.

HR Interview

Apart from their technical ability, we also evaluate whether a candidate is a good cultural fit by assessing their soft skills such as ability to work collaboratively in a diverse team, and their openness to feedback.

Client Handoff

Here comes the most exciting part! After the technical and HR evaluation, we work with your team to pick the right candidate for the job. What's more, we handle the onboarding process to ensure the candidate integrates with your team seamlessly.

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