Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Elevate Your Team with Vetted IT Talent

With Bluelight Consulting’s world-class nearshore staffing augmentation services, your business benefits from enhanced flexibility to respond to changes, greater access to top talent, and cost savings.

Maximize Revenue and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Recruiting for new projects or specific requirements isn’t a sustainable way to operate your business. Bringing on overseas talent isn’t optimal either as you’ll have to deal with large timezone differences, costs of having to arrange travel, and cultural differences in communicating in professional settings.

There’s a better way. Consider nearshore staff augmentation. 

With our talent pool of carefully selected Latin American software developers and engineers, you’ll enjoy the cost efficiencies, increased productivity and flexibility from working with top talent in your timezone.

staff augmentation

“They were extremely communicative, transparent, and helpful. Their team has all the skills one could need for most projects (frontend, backend, devops) which is super efficient. You likely won't find a better, cost effective team in the bay.”

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Get Incredible Results For Your Business

Blended Teams that are Greater 
than the Sum of its Parts

Top Latin American Talent

Elevate your team with carefully vetted talent from all over Latin America.

Time Savings

No need to waste time trying to find the right people–we do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Enhanced Efficiency

Nearshore staff augmentation allows you to produce more, higher-quality work in less time.

Increased Productivity

Staff augmentation services allow you to reach higher levels of productivity, release features quicker, launch more new products and offer more to your customers.

Cultural Similarities

Unlike hiring talent from vastly different time zones, when your team members share cultural similarities, your working environment becomes more pleasant and productive.

Orchestration & Application Templates

Specific developers and engineers are assigned solely to your project(s) so they can fully integrate with your team and develop the knowledge necessary for successful software builds.

Nearshore Boost

With our talent pool of carefully selected Latin American software developers and engineers, you’ll enjoy the cost efficiencies, increased productivity and flexibility from working with top talent in your timezone.

Whether you need full-time team members or contractors for specific projects, we’ll help you get the right people in the right roles. Leverage our staff augmentation and recruiting services to ensure your team stays agile and ready to address any business opportunities and challenges as they arise.

Our Process

Whether you need staff to augment your team (e.g. Python software developer to work on a new project for the next three months) or full-time employees, Bluelight has helped attract and hire incredible talent for a wide variety of our clients.

Discover our recipe for success for nearshore staff augmentation and recruiting below.

Let’s work together

Job Application

Our team will meet with you to discuss what your ideal candidate looks like for any given role. We will then create a job application that will weed out any unqualified applicants and entice your ideal candidates to apply. Once the applications start rolling in, we’ll go through a thorough selection process to choose candidates that have the right skills, experience and personality for your team.

Online Technical Tests

Once the candidates are selected, they’ll need to complete online tests to gauge their technical ability.

Technical Interview

The candidates that pass the online technical tests will move onto a technical interview which consists of specific questions relevant to the potential projects the hire will work on and real-time problem-solving

HR Interview

Having the appropriate skills and experience aren’t the only things that make someone a good candidate. They must be a great cultural fit in order to be successful in their role. In this step, we will assess candidates’ soft skills, such as their ability to work collaboratively within a diverse team and openness to feedback.

Client Handoff

Now for the exciting part! Based on the results of the online technical tests and interviews, both your team and Bluelight’s teams will work together to determine the right person for the role. Then, we’ll help ensure that onboarding your new hire will go as smoothly as possible.

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