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Staff Augmentation
Development Services
Staff Augmentation

Reduce IT Talent Sourcing Headaches with Industry-Leading Nearshore Staff Augmentation Solutions

Enjoy exclusive access to a large talent pool of carefully vetted, highly-skilled Onshore and Nearshore Software Developers.
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Why Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Our Nearshore staff augmentation services enable businesses to overcome Offshore Software Development challenges and enjoy the benefits of timezone-aligned teams with low attrition rates.

Core Capabilities

Access to Highly Skilled Software Engineers

Our Nearshore Developers come with proficiency in the most popular and modern programming, scripting, and markup languages used by most US companies due to aligned education curriculums.


With Bluelight Consulting's Nearshore talent pool, you don't have to worry about employee benefits, Paid Tme Off (PTO), legal compliance, etc.
Since we handle all the Nearshore hiring complexities and allow you to focus on your utmost business priorities.

US Timezone-Aligned Team

Overcome unnecessary project delays or missed deadlines with qualified Engineers working in the same timezone as you which makes it easy to integrate into your team and overall company culture.




Launch your Digital Transformation
Journey in 3 Simple Steps

Launch your Digital Transformation Journey in 3 Simple Steps

1. Talk to an Expert

We dedicate time to learn more about your project, and get a clear understanding of what you need to achieve your business outcomes.
You can expect to discuss things like;
Overall company and project goals
Project budget
Talent resource needs
Technology stack
Engagement models

2. Build your Dream Development Team

Taking into account each specific requirement, we help you put together a Development Team by giving you exclusive access to highly-skilled Onshore and Nearshore Software Engineers to ensure that you have the right talent for the right roles.

3. Scale your Business

Enjoy working with an experienced, transparent, and flexible Development Team dedicated to ensuring your Custom Software solutions not only launch on time, but also continue to evolve and deliver a return on your investment.
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Engagement Models Fit for the Modern IT Workforce

Enjoy flexible engagement models tailored to your business requirements at competitive rates.
Expand your team on demand
Staff Augmentation
Dedicated Teams
Dedicated Project Outsourcing
Expand your team on demand
Have the top 1% of tech talent in your timezone
Fill specific skill gaps with the best talent
Integrate engineers into your existing teams
Manage the team yourself
Get an entire team working alongside you
Minimize in-house team involvement
Reduce management involvement with our Project Managers


Nearshore Staff Augmentation vs Offshore Outsourcing, which is better?
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The choice depends on;
- Your talent and skill needs.
- Project budget.
- The significance of timezone overlap to your workflow.
- Your internal team structure.

How do you ensure that the nearshore talent provided aligns with our company culture and values?
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We have a rigorous screening process in place to ensure our nearshore talent resources augmenting your team align with your company culture, values, and project goals.

What communication channels and tools are in place to facilitate seamless collaboration between our in-house team and the nearshore staff?
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We use a combination of video conferencing, collaboration tools, and regular status updates to ensure effective communication and collaboration between your team and our Nearshore Staff.

Can I quickly scale the size of the Nearshore team based on project requirements, and how do you amange this managed?
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Yes, you can. Our flexible staffing model makes it possible to quickly scale the size of the nearshore team based on your project requirements, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Save 50+ hours of project time per developer on interviewing.
Tell us the skills you need and we'll find the best developer for your needs in days, not weeks.

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